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Summary of the week – Tips

Social media has taken over all aspects of our lives. Any non-profit that wants to have a substantial donor and volunteer base needs to have a substantial social media presence.

There are many ways to “get social” and many reasons for doing so. In order to do it the right way there are three key words to consider:

Contact – It’s important to know your target audience and realize what they are interested in.

Interactive – Remember that “the medium is the message” in the words of Marshall McLuhan and so it’s important to adapt your massage to different mediums. Social media mediums need interactive elements. The interaction needs to be different between an email, a fb status and blog post.

Check out FirstGiving to get an example for engaging your donors post event.

Visuals – People enjoy visual stimulation and so it’s important to find and share relevant visual content with your followers.

For example you can try creating a weekly blog post of “Photo of the day“.


Sharing is caring – Share your social media outlets on your website and feel free to share your tips on social media via our social media – our blog or our fb!