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Cool Fundraising Ideas

Non-profit groups are always scrambling to isolate good fund raisers to fill their coffers to allow for projects to go forward. A successful fund raiser will excite you and give you the energy to last between times of low money in your bank accounts.

Fun Facts

It is critical that everyone involved in fundraising understands the following:

1 Money is not given – it has to be raised.
2 It does not come in – it has to be gone after.
3 It is not offered – it has to be asked for.

Happy Daffodil Day (creative fundraising)



Check out this very cool fundraising campaign for Daffodil day – to raise funds for the Australian Cancer Foundation

Ever wandered why donors go away?

Most non-profits do a great job of identifying problems and asking. Some are even pretty good at thanking, but most have a very hard time reporting back and specifically telling the donor how they made a difference.

Some good tips

Starting off with tips and thoughts by the author of “Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing” – Michel J.Rosen


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