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Cool Fundraising Ideas

Non-profit groups are always scrambling to isolate good fund raisers to fill their coffers to allow for projects to go forward. A successful fund raiser will excite you and give you the energy to last between times of low money in your bank accounts.

Photo of the day

Fundraising Campaign WWF in Switzerland presents – Zebra

Zebra WWF

Every coin counts

Check out this interesting fundraising campaign for the Salvation Army!

Can an elephant fund raise?

Can an elephant fund raise?  In Thailand an elephant among others carries a donation box during a fundraising campaign for victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Creative Fundraising Campaigns

In order to be able to fund raise in today’s economy we all need to be a little more creative. This way people won’t only support your cause but also donate to it.

We are the world

Happy Daffodil Day (creative fundraising)



Check out this very cool fundraising campaign for Daffodil day – to raise funds for the Australian Cancer Foundation