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Great tips to start the week with…

 Start the week with simple fundraising tips!

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Campaign summary of the week

Check out these creative campaigns:

The “We Are One” campaign, a multilateral initiative spearheaded by holistic pet sanctuary Petopia as part of its first anniversary commemoration to raise funds for the tsunami relief efforts in Japan, has received stellar support from a team of local and overseas entertainment and music professionals.

Another creative campaign is the WWF campaign from 2007. For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. WWF’s mission is the conservation of nature. Using the best available scientific knowledge and advancing that knowledge to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth and the health of ecological systems. Their creative campeign ment to deal with wildlife preservation has been staring in our “photo of the day” posts


On a lighter note –

Movember is a campaign to bring awareness to prostate cancer – and participants grow mustaches during the month, and gain sponsorship for their mustache growth. There were around 450,000 participants globally during this year’s Movember – with the majority of the fundraising-taking place online, across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If the average mustache grower were to have 150 social connections – then for every fundraising post made to these social networks there would be the potential for 67 million connections.


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Our thoughts are with the Norwegian people

A bombing and shooting that left at least 91 dead on Friday is “a national tragedy” and the worst act of violence in Norway since World War II, Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg said Saturday.



Additional Fundraising Tips (via Nonprofit Advisor)

Great tips!

How to raise money on Facebook: Create and Tap Your Social Network If you've been avoiding getting your organization involved in Facebook, here are three good reasons to rethink that decision: Facebook has an audience of 600 million and growing, making it equivalent to the population of the world's third-largest country. Meet them where they're at: it is extremely likely that a considerable amount of your wired network is already engaged on the p … Read More

via Nonprofit Advisor

Photo of the day

Fundraising Campaign for Zurich Zoo in Switzerland.

Cool Fundraising Ideas

Non-profit groups are always scrambling to isolate good fund raisers to fill their coffers to allow for projects to go forward. A successful fund raiser will excite you and give you the energy to last between times of low money in your bank accounts.